Hoisting the engine out and mounting the motor and batteries to the car

9. july 2018 at 5:33 | gearmotordc
You should be able to find one for quite a bit cheaper than going to a store. To begin with you're going to need a car to do the conversion. The next thing you're going to need is a DC electric motor. It's true, you can get free batteries and here's how. I recommend going to ebay and looking around. You can buy them new or. Your local golf course has at least 14 electric golf carts.. Once you have all the parts it's simply a matter of hoisting the engine out and mounting the motor and batteries to the car. The potentiometer is used so that you can control the speed of the car. The great thing about an electric car is that gas prices would have to go down to about 30 cents per litre or so before it would be economically feasible to drive with gas rather than electric. once everything settles down again they're going to skyrocket once again. The charge controller is used to ensure that you don't overcharge your batteries. I know that gas prices have fallen recently due to the recession, but this is really only a temporary state for gas prices. You are looking for a motor that is approximately 8 - 12 inches in length. I love my electric car as it costs me less than $30 per month to drive whereas it used to cost me well over $100 per month to drive. You can ask around at your local golf course and they will usually give them to you for free as it costs them money to dispose of them. Every two years they swap the batteries out for new ones as part of regular maintenance packages..With gas prices still skyrocketing through the roof, and projections for gas prices to only go further up many people are looking to convert their gas car to electric. Lastly, you will need to pick up some assorted nuts and bolts from your local hardware store. You will also need to pick up a charge controller and a potentiometer as well. This will ensure 12V 500W dc motors that the motor has enough power to propel your car to the desired 55MPH.. You can use your own, but just remember that you'll be about 2 weeks without a car so plan accordingly. It takes about two weekends to do a conversion, but if you can manage to get time off of work you could do it in 4 days.. You can look for a bigger higher RPM motor, but just remember that you will need to add more batteries to go the same distance as it uses more energy. you can get them for free. You will now need to find 14 deep cycle 12 volt batteries.

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